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The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group is a members led networking organisation covering everything from planting and managing woodland, to the production and installation of end products. We operate in conjunction with the National Federation of Coppice Workers and have been a recognised professional industry body since 1997.

The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group welcome new members from many disciplines such as Coppice workers, Woodland owners/workers, traditional craft makers, Greenwood workers, blacksmiths who feel they fit and many more, it is always worth getting in contact and finding out, even if you are just interested in what we do or would like to spend some time working alongside our members. Use the CONTACT page if you are interested.

Remember we have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with the wider coppicing community

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Recent News

Successful Day at the Heathfield Show!

The Heathfield Show, 25th May 2024

This year saw the SSCG at the Heathfield Show, and a great show it was. This was a one day event attended by 5 of our members (Bob, Phil, Jon, Ken and Joyce) and due to the good footfall we had many visitors to the group display with lots of interest in Coppicing and the […]

Eight-toothed spruce bark beetle

The eight-toothed spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) is considered a serious pest on trees in the Picea genus as well as some tree species in other conifer genera.
In England, the pest was first found in Kent in 2018, and as a precaution a demarcated area covering […]

The Asian Hornet, Update

Asian Hornet – April Update ( Bob Hewitt)

At the beginning of April, the NBU began spring trapping in areas identified as high risk. Traps have been set at locations across Kent, East Sussex, Devon and North Yorkshire to monitor for signs of Asian hornet activity. On the 13th of April, a single hornet was caught in one of these […]

Products & Services

Do you need some Hazel sticks or help with some hedge laying? To find out more about the products & services our members can offer:

A Welcome Letter From Our New Chairman

Events Calendar

Belmont Woodfest and Country Fair

7th September - 8th September

Bentley Wood Fair

13th September - 15th September

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